Store Development Services

We partner with our customers in every endeavor of self-service laundry development — assisting them with site selection, demographic studies, equipment selection and installation, ancillary item selection, projections of income and expenses, financing options, laundry design and layout, and ongoing technical services. At Skyline Equipment, we work hard to help our clients develop highly profitable, successful businesses.

Profitablility & Uniqueness

Through careful differentiation of your new coin- or card-operated laundry, you can attract non-traditional customers as well as traditional self-service customers — adding to profitability. Simultaneously, through careful selection of equipment, laundries can cut utility usage, improve customer turnover and boost revenue. At Skyline, our laundry development experts understand how to help you optimize your store for maximum revenue and profits.

Ways to Differentiate your Coin Laundry

Express Laundry Centers®

We are the only distributor in the area to develop Express Laundry Centers®! These are turnkey, branded high-speed vended laundries that draw customers with a 60-minute self-service wash/dry/fold and high-speed Continental ExpressWash® and ExpressDry® laundry equipment. Express Laundry Center owners enjoy higher profit potential, low utility and operating costs, greater customer turnover, and ultimately, strong store resale value. Please contact us today for more information!

Express Laundry Center

Whether it’s drop-off drycleaning, wash-dry-fold or delivery services, coin laundries maximize their client base and profits by carefully incorporating added services. While self-service customers remain the cornerstone of business, stores with added services also cater to working professionals, large families and singles.

The Vended Laundry Business Opportunity

A Recession Proof Business

Vended laundries are often buffered from fluctuations in the economy because clean clothes, like food, water and shelter, are a basic human need. When the economy is slow, there is often a greater need for self-service laundries because ownership of washers and dryers decreases. Moreover, it’s often less expensive to launder clothes at a vended laundry than it is to do them at home!

Investment Growth

There is a bright future for the storeowner, because homeownership is just 63 percent of the population in Texas. That means renters occupy 37 percent of the state’s 9.2 million households. Historically, renters have been major contributors to self-service laundries.

Locating Your Store

Store location is key to the success of your store. That's why it's critical to locate your store in a demographically appropriate area. There are many factors to consider, including traffic density, population, competition, availability of utilities, store visibility and even parking! Skyline works hard to locate and evaluate potential laundry sites to ensure they have business potential.


Vended laundries can make excellent business investments. The typical store operates on a cash-in-advance basis with little inventory; thereby eliminating risks such as a control shrinkage, theft or spoilage. Plus, a card or coin laundry is an owner-controlled business, creating a great degree of management control.

Resale Value

Vended laundries most often pay for themselves in only a few years and can be sold at top dollar, according to the Coin Laundry Association (CLA), a non-profit, coin laundry trade association. CLA research indicates that vended laundries typically sell for between three and seven times their net cash flow — with average historic returns exceeding 40 percent. Today’s high-speed laundry equipment helps save energy and boost profits.