3 Tips to Manage your On-premise Laundry

Looking for ways to reduce turnover, improve wash results, and boost efficiency in your on-premises laundry operation? If that's the case, you've come to the right place. With updated equipment, technology, and improved processes, we'll show you how to meet your objectives and take your OPL to the next level. Let's take a closer look.

Upgrade your Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial laundry equipment today is more advanced than ever. Not only are newer machines faster and more energy-efficient, but advanced controls, such as Continental Girbau's LogiProBWM CC controls, provide OPL managers and employees with a customizable wash experience that increases throughput and maximizes efficiency. Furthermore, these advanced control systems enable OPL managers to collect critical maintenance and performance data from their machines, such as history logs and error notifications. This data, in turn, enables them to make more informed business decisions and run their facility more efficiently.

Superior programmability means that laundries can clean a wide range of fabrics and load types based on their specific laundry requirements. The Logi Pro Control has 25 individually modifiable programs, each with up to 11 baths and multiple pre-wash, wash and rinse cycles. Variables within each bath, such as wash temperature, water levels, cycle times, rotation, and G-force extract speeds, can be programmed individually for maximum efficiency given the load type. The controls, despite their advanced technology, could not be easier to use. Once the programs have been configured, operators simply select the program number and press the start button! This is especially important for hotels, medical facilities, fitness centers, and other on-premises facilities with high turnover.

Improved efficiency and cleaner linens, on the other hand, mean increased satisfaction among guests and patrons, as well as overall better customer service.

Keep your Laundry Room Clean

A dirty and disorganized On-Premise Laundry facility makes it difficult to work efficiently and poses health and safety risks. Keeping a clean area can help improve the overall flow of the laundryHoliday Inn Express On-Premise Laundry process, keep employees and customers safe, save you time and energy, and save you money on potential citations or workers' compensation complaints.

Here are some tips for keeping OPL facilities clean and organized:

  • To avoid cross-contamination of soiled clothing and repeated loads, label all bins, carts, and areas of the laundry room.
  • Keep laundry bins, carts, and other equipment in a designated area to keep them out of the way of traffic and avoid potential tripping hazards or back injuries.
  • Maintain signage and documentation that clearly outlines the policies and procedures that employees are expected to follow.
  • Make sure there are plenty of trash and recycling cans around the area so that employees can properly dispose of their waste.

Stick to a Maintenance Schedule 

Commercial washer-extractors, tumble dryers, and other commercial laundry equipment, like cars and homes, require routine maintenance to keep them running properly. It's critical that OPL laundry owners and managers stick to a schedule and follow all of their commercial laundry equipment's suggested maintenance guidelines. If you don't, you can end up with expensive equipment downtime, repairs, and replacements. The best approach to avoid a major issue is to identify it before it becomes a problem. 

Do you have questions regarding how to make your on-premise laundry facility more efficient? For over 50  years, we've worked with OPL operations all across South Texas. Skyline Equipment's OPL professionals are available to help, whether you need new commercial laundry equipment or service and parts.