5 Benefits Of A Community Laundry Room

Having a community laundry room in your residential property, whether it’s an apartment complex, condo, dormitory, etc may be very profitable to your bottom line. Skyline Equipment provides a comprehensive array of Commercial Laundry Equipment to satisfy the demands of your property and tenants. The following are five advantages of having a community laundry room:

Attract New Tenants 

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This is our top perk since laundry is frequently rated as one of the top amenities that tenants want. Taking clothing to the laundry is difficult for anybody, but especially for families with small children, individuals who work outside of the normal 9-to-5 workday, or when our South endless summers get very hot. 

With that in mind, an on-site laundry is a major bonus that may help differentiate your apartment complex from competing for rental properties and boost overall tenant satisfaction. Satisfied renters are less likely to move, which lowers turnover, and possible financial loss associated with continuously trying to rent out vacant apartments.

Maximize Space 

Apartments and condominiums are frequently tight, and space is limited, especially in big cities such as Houston. When space is constrained in your complex, shared laundry rooms are an excellent method to maximize space.

Landlords may maximize square footage and the number of units in their complex by offering a common laundry room rather than in-unit laundry, which improves revenues and makes their complex more appealing. Tenants will also appreciate having the best of both worlds — a dedicated laundry area with extra facilities (such as utility sinks and folding tables) without sacrificing valuable living space in their own apartment.

Extra Income Opportunities 

Although there is an initial cost needed to acquire your Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment, the money generated by your laundry room will pay for itself in the long run. There are also a few ways to gain additional income from your community laundry room. These include:

  • Charging per wash and dry cycle with a coin, laundry cards, credit cards, or a combination of the three.
  • Selling laundry detergent and other items.
  • Sales of vending machines.
  • Higher costs for wash upgrades and special features- available on some Maytag and LG machines.
  • Provide a wash and dry service for an additional fee.

Energy and Water Conservation 

When compared to separate apartments with their own machines, community area laundry facilities save a significant amount of water and electricity. An independent research study discovered that an in-unit washer wastes roughly 8,500 gallons of laundry each year. Furthermore, people who used community area laundry rooms saved 500% more energy than residents who used in-unit washing machines.

Easier Maintenance 


The big question for many property managers and tenants when it comes to laundry is whether in-unit laundry or a communal laundry facility is the better option. In terms of upkeep, a community washing room is frequently the best option for all parties. In fact, one of the primary advantages of shared laundry rooms is easy maintenance.  

You don’t have to go back and forth with the renter to set a particular time for repairing the equipment or obtain permission to enter the apartment if there’s a common laundry facility. You may effortlessly notify renters when maintenance and repairs will be performed. Furthermore, because the machines are pooled rather than in each unit, you will have fewer to maintain. 

As an added advantage, landlords and property managers may lease their laundry room, which means a reputable laundry service provider would handle the installation, upkeep, and maintenance. This is an excellent alternative for landlords who would rather spend their time and efforts elsewhere.

Create a Sense of Community 

Common areas, including laundry rooms, allow tenants to meet and get to know one another. This can assist to enhance building safety and security, prevent tenant issues and make your residential building a more nice and welcome place to live in general. This, in turn, promotes lower tenant turnover rates and increases word-of-mouth advertising.

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If you’re in the process of building or remodeling a multi-family residence in South or Central Texas, or you’re looking to upgrade your building’s existing laundry room, Skyline Equipment would love to help. We’re a proud Maytag and LG distributor in the multi-housing space and have specialized purchase and route revenue share options available.  Let’s chat about how we can take your laundry room to the next level.