5 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundries

commercial laundry maintenance

The key to the lifespan of your commercial laundry equipment is preventative maintenance. Every manufacturer of coin and on-premise laundry equipment includes a handbook with maintenance recommendations and frequency. Preventive washing machine maintenance can maintain your washers in good operating order while also familiarizing you with the “inner workings” so that you may notice early warning signals that might indicate a future malfunction or major repair.

We recommend keeping a record in a journal and taking notes on what you observe and do during maintenance so that you may refer back to it for the future.  Here are 5 preventative maintenance tips from our partners that will help keep your equipment running at optimal capacity and looking great!



Utilize the Instruction Manuel

Use the manual included. This may seem like a basic tip, but it bears repeating. Because every machine is different, make sure you read and follow the directions for your specific commercial laundry machine as closely as possible. You may also go to the manufacturer’s website for additional information. For example, if you own a Continental Girbau washer, go to this website for troubleshooting tips.

Leave The Doors Open

We know this is not what you learned growing up, but if you’re not going to use the washer for a long time, keep the door open to allow the wash drum to dry completely. This will keep the drum from smelling musty or unpleasant.

Clean The Drums

Remove the soap, grime from the drum by frequent cleaning (ideally using the manufacture’s recommended cleaning product). These residues collect over time unless they are removed and cause linen, towels, and clothing to develop an odor. The gasket between the door and the drum should also be wiped clean.

Inspect the Belts and Hoses

Check the hoses roughly once a month. Replace the hose right away if you detect any signs of deterioration such as cracks, blisters, and general wear. The belts that run from the motor to the drum should also be checked. Replace them quickly, if they are broken, split, or otherwise damaged. They are typically replaced twice a year to prevent a breakdown of the machine.

Call the Experts

You should have purchased your commercial washer and dryer from a distributor or manufacturer that provides excellent customer service and employs highly skilled repair specialists. Contact Skyline Equipment if you need more maintenance tips, you’re desperate for troubleshooting help, or you want to schedule a repair.

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