7 Benefits of Having an On-Premise Laundry Equipment

For a variety of reasons, many businesses prefer to outsource their laundry operations. It might be due to a lack of space, resources, or funds. However, there are several benefits to bringing your laundry operations in-house that make it worthwhile to explore. If your company sends a large volume of linen to be laundered on a regular basis, investing in an on-premise laundry may be profitable and worthwhile.

Skyline Equipment has helped hundreds of Central and South Texas companies and institutions in realizing the benefits of on-premise laundry. Our clients benefit from long-term cost savings and improved quality control by using water-saving washers and energy-efficient dryers. The following are some of the most important advantages of OPL.

Cost Savings 

Because every business is different, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will apply across the board. Each business is unique, but having a commercial laundry at your facility may help you save money. If you do a lot of laundries every day, you will save a good amount of money each year. The weekly cost of running your own in-house washing service will be significantly lower than having it shipped out.

Programmable machines can operate when there is less demand on the system, saving you money by operating at night, using lower temperatures and less water, and including a pre-soak cycle to make items easier to clean.

Quick Turn Around Time 

When you have an on-premise laundry the turnaround time is much faster, as you will not have to wait for laundry to be delivered to your business. With an OPL laundry operation, towels, napkins, and tablecloths could be used and laundered, and used again during the same day. This is unquestionably more efficient than allowing dirty objects to accumulate over the week until they are collected. Keeping and replacing such a large stock of towels or linens may be an inefficient use of your business’s resources and OPL would help you dramatically cut costs.

  • 7 Benefits of Having an On-Premise Laundry Equipment
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Extend Linen Life 

An on-premise allows for any stains to be addressed instantly before the stains sets in. A commercial laundry service would typically have linens washed, processed, and returned to you within 24 hours. Waiting for the laundry collection service might take hours before the stain is treated.

Quality Control 

Keeping the laundry in-house allows you to have considerably more control over the entire process, from handling to chemicals used, to overall damages and replacement needed if items are lost.  Whether you're at a gym, a hair salon, or a hospital, the quality of your towels or linens will be important. Items that are broken, ripped, soiled, do not inspire consumer or patient confidence.

Your business is free to choose quality commercial laundry equipment that is also gentle on fabrics, extending the life of your linen. You’re also able to train and develop your laundry staff to achieve the standard of quality you desire. Training will also ensure increased efficiency and productivity, reducing overall operational costs.

Additional Revenue from Guest Laundry 

Being able to provide a laundry service to guests may increase customer satisfaction and provide convenience and quality service for some businesses, particularly hotel and lodging companies. Many guests on vacation or on business prefer to leave their clothing in the hotel rather than carrying a bag of dirty laundry to the local laundromat or dry cleaner. They can leave it and pick it up when they return, without having to worry about it.

Easy To Use

There is no need to be concerned about training because Skyline Equipment will assist you in training and teaching your staff how to operate all of the equipment. Technology makes it very easy to operate, preset, and program all the commercial laundry service equipment.

Easy manuals, easy-to-read panels, and buttons, screens that tell you what is actually going on and if there are any concerns or problems with each cycle. These new machines practically run themselves.

Leasing Program

Skyline leases high efficient machines that often pay the monthly fee by saving on energy, linen, and labor costs. These monthly equipment payments include the cost of the machine, freight, installation, preventative maintenance, mileage, service call, labor, parts, and fuel charges.

If you need more information or are considering investing in your own on premise commercial laundry equipment service for your business.

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