Looking For Commercial Laundry Equipment in Corpus Christi, TX? Skyline Has Got You Covered.

Skyline Equipment’s Leadership and Experience in Commercial Laundry Equipment

For over 50 years, Skyline Equipment has operated as a commercial laundry equipment distribution center offering not only industry-leading commercial laundry machines, but a full breadth of laundry consulting services. Known throughout Texas, we are trusted for our expertise, fast response times, service, fairness, and reliability.

Skyline Equipment‘s 10,000-square-foot facility houses equipment and parts readily available to provide customers quick turn-around and convenient access to the parts they need. This means we can be on site within 24 hours to make sure you are up and running quickly. All of our staff are factory-trained employees committed to our customer's satisfaction.

We are a Leading Continental Girbau and Commercial Laundry Equipment Partner for Almost Any Industry

The Continental Girbau and B & C Technologies brand of commercial laundry equipment is known in the industry as leading providers of commercial and industrial laundry machinery in the US. Pride in their products shows with equipment that is designed and manufactured for years of constant use, these two companies are supported by industry-leading warranties designed to increase productivity and efficiency, lowering labor and utility costs for customers.

As a partner, we support several types of equipment, including coin-operated laundry, on-premises laundry, multi-housing laundry, and sport laundry systems. Skyline also stocks all equipment and major parts from leading manufacturers, including:

  • Washer extractors
  • Drying tumblers
  • Ozone sanitation systems
  • Ironers
  • Ancillary items

Most every industry with a laundry operation is supported, including (but are not limited to):

  • Government organizations
  • Multi-housing laundromats
  • Hospitality and hotels
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Sports laundromats
  • Fire departments
  • Coin laundry services

The company offers leasing and financing programs designed for startups or other businesses looking to get the newest equipment with full support at the best possible rate.

How Are We Different from Our Competitors?

Success comes from our strong relationships with our customers and partners. Our charter is to help avoid lost productivity and business by providing services above and beyond simply a commercial laundry equipment distributor. We strive to provide parts and technical service, all within 24 hours from your call.

It also means offering value beyond just selling or leasing programs. We offer complimentary services such as site selection support, laundry facility design, laundry operation analysis & more.

We Are Your Corpus Christi, TX - Commercial Laundry Equipment Supplier

Corpus Christi is well-known for its windsurfing, sailing, kite flying, kiteboarding, and even the Windsurfing World Championships. It has a rich mix of cultures, business, and music, making it an excellent place to call home for yourself or your business.

There are opportunities to support several industries and neighborhoods if you're looking to start a laundry business in Corpus Christi. With a population of 317,863 people, there are opportunities for laundromats and other commercial laundry support services throughout the area.

Are you looking to open a laundromat? According to The Coin Laundry Association, the average laundromat in the United States can bring in $300,000 in revenue annually, according to The Coin Laundry Association. A laundromat can be an excellent investment, and statistics show that owning a laundromat is a good way to invest safely. While several other business types struggle to meet their sales and profit needs through the first five years of operation, laundromats have been known to thrive. In fact, long-term statistics she laundromats, at a return rate of around 25%, are a better investment than mutual funds. A coin laundry business offers a great return on investment that is not seasonal or weather-dependent, and you won't have franchise fees or inventory to worry about.

In addition to laundromats, here’s why we support the commercial laundry equipment needs in Corpus Christi, TX:

  • 17 state prisons and five jails
  • 19 nursing homes
  • 17 assisted living facilities
  • 435 hotels

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