Leasing or Buying: Which is Best for Acquiring Commercial Laundry Equipment?

For some businesses, building a new laundry facility or upgrading an existing one could be pivotal for staying competitive, efficient, and, in certain cases, viable.

Deciding how you will pay for your laundry equipment can be challenging. With the right financing or leasing programs, laundry business owners can determine the option that best aligns with their goals and financial situation.

Commercial Laundry Equipment

When is Purchasing the Ideal Option?

Opting to buy laundry equipment offers the benefits of long-term ownership and potential asset depreciation advantages. This aspect significantly impacts financial statements and tax obligations over time, making it advisable to consult your accountant.

However, purchasing may require a substantial initial investment, which can pose challenges, especially for small businesses. Additionally, owners are required to handle their maintenance, repairs, and eventual replacement, contributing to the overall cost of ownership.

While financing rates vary, locking in your interest rate can facilitate consistent, manageable monthly payments. Variable rates may offer benefits if they decrease but pose a risk if they rise.

Furthermore, purchasing provides complete control over customization. This allows the equipment to be tailored to meet specific needs or preferences, enabling adjustments, upgrades, or specialized features without being constrained by a leasing agreement.

When is Leasing the Ideal Option?

Leasing laundry equipment is similar to car leases, which sometimes receive criticism, but it remains a practical choice for businesses seeking flexibility and cost-effective access to equipment. Unlike purchasing, leasing involves minimal upfront investment, making it feasible for businesses with budgetary constraints.

Furthermore, lease agreements commonly incorporate maintenance services, reducing ongoing expenses and simplifying equipment upkeep. Tax-deductible lease payments also contribute to cost savings, enhancing overall financial efficiency. Leasing enables businesses to embrace cutting-edge technology, improving operational efficiency and productivity.

Leased equipment can also be easily upgraded or replaced as needed, based on the terms of the agreement, ensuring businesses stay competitive amidst technological advancements.

However, lease agreements may entail restrictions or penalties, such as usage limits or maintenance requirements, necessitating careful evaluation. Moreover, customization options may be limited since lessees do not own the equipment outright, hindering significant modifications or alterations. As the lessor retains ownership, lessees must adhere to lease terms, potentially limiting customization compared to outright ownership.

Making Informed Choices

Ultimately, purchasing and leasing hinges on budget, management preferences, and equipment requirements. Regardless of your decision, here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Assess Your Needs: Begin by evaluating your business's specific requirements, including washer and dryer size, capacity, and any special features necessary.
  2. Research Leasing Providers: While you may want to explore companies specializing in commercial laundry equipment, Skyline offers a range of leasing and financing options. Compare prices and terms to find the best fit for your business.
  3. Negotiate Terms: Once you've identified potential partners, negotiate favorable terms. Discuss equipment pricing, lease duration, and additional services like maintenance and repairs.
  4. Review the Agreement: Before committing, thoroughly review the agreement. Pay close attention to warranty details, early termination fees, and options for equipment upgrades.
  5. Manage Finances: Budget effectively to ensure timely monthly payments, maintaining your business's financial health.

As a leading commercial laundry distributor in the US, we offer top-of-the-line equipment with flexible financing and leasing options. With over 50 years of industry experience, we are committed to providing customized solutions to meet your needs.

Affordable Solutions for Every Budget

We value customer feedback, so when our customers expressed a need for an affordable, all-inclusive solution for their laundry equipment requirements, we swiftly responded with such a program. This unique offering allows Skyline customers to lease washers, dryers, and ozone systems for monthly payments that often fall well below the average service call charge.

We provide highly efficient machines that often offset the monthly fee through energy, linen, and labor savings. These monthly equipment payments cover the machine's cost, freight, installation, preventative maintenance, mileage, service calls, labor, parts, and fuel charges. There are no hidden fees or fine print to worry about. Furthermore, since it's a lease, Skyline customers can take advantage of tax incentives while stabilizing facility costs.

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