FAQ: What is a Base and Why do Commercial Washers need one?

20211206 115012

Have you ever heard of a commercial washer base? Don’t worry if you don’t. You are not alone yourself. This is a critical component of your total commercial washing machine, although it is sometimes overlooked. Let’s get a better look! Washers without bases are usually attached to the floor over the drain. Unfortunately, without a…

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3 Tips to Manage your On-premise Laundry

On-Premise Laundry Corpus Christi, TX

Looking for ways to reduce turnover, improve wash results, and boost efficiency in your on-premises laundry operation? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. With updated equipment, technology, and improved processes, we’ll show you how to meet your objectives and take your OPL to the next level. Let’s take a closer look.…

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Five Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Commercial Laundry Equipment and Not Residential Machines

Commercial Laundry Specialts

Many business owners make the common mistake of attempting to use residential laundry equipment for their commercial laundry needs. Don’t settle for residential machines if you require commercial laundry equipment. There’s a reason why these machines are built differently. People use commercial laundry equipment in their homes all the time, but don’t use the wrong equipment…

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What is the Difference between Price & Cost?

kt075 installed Cotton Electric Services Sept 2019

When it comes to large-scale purchases, such as commercial laundry equipment, everyone wants to get the best price possible.  A low-cost washer or dryer, however, is not always a “good deal.” We frequently have to clarify that lower-quality, lower-cost equipment actually winds up costing your hotel or long-term care facility more in the long run…

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