Commercial Laundry Equipment In McAllen, TX

Commercial Laundry Equipment from Skyline in McAllen, TX

Skyline Equipment has been in the commercial laundry equipment business for more than 50 years. While technology has changed in that time, our expertise and commitment to customer service haven't. 

Our customer care team and distribution center knows what it takes to ensure that our customers have professional service at every step of the process. Our 10,000-square-foot commercial laundry distribution hub is located in Houston, Texas. Our commercial laundry services include leasing services, laundry consulting, equipment maintenance, and much more. We're a comprehensive company that offers commercial laundry equipment to meet your industrial laundry needs.

You, as our client, benefit from our expertise. Our quick response times, fair service, and reliability are all part of our quality service, providing essential services for the commercial laundry industry. Customers rely on our fast turnaround times and 24-7 access to the parts and equipment needed to keep business operations running smoothly.

Some of our best equipment includes the RMG055 Vended coin and card-operated commercial washing machine and the KT075 Vended coin and card-operated commercial laundry dryer, both from Continental.

Industry-Leading Commercial Laundry Services

We've come to discover that good customer support comes from specializing in industries and technologies that are reliable and budget-friendly. Our market segments include multi-housing laundries, coin-operated laundromats, on-premises laundries, and sport laundry systems. Trust the Skyline team when you need a reliable, professional commercial laundry equipment supplier in McAllen.

Here are some of the industries we serve:

  • Government organizationsCommercial Laundry Equipment In McAllen TX
  • Hospitality
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Sports laundromats
  • Multi-housing laundries
  • Fire departments
  • On-premises laundries
  • Coin laundry services
  • Nursing home laundries

As a commercial laundry industry leader, we offer parts and equipment from all major brands and keep a fully-stocked warehouse. We also have flexible financing and leasing options for start-up businesses, allowing you to develop your company from the ground up with minimal capital outlay.

Commercial Laundry Machines Built Around Customer Needs

We believe our success comes from our strong client relationships, providing value beyond simply selling or leasing equipment or completing repairs. We offer complete site selection support and design of your laundry facility, plus provide laundry operation analysis to make your operation more efficient and profitable.

Choosing the right equipment means that both your customers and employees better have their needs met. The major brands we offer include Continental Girbau, B&C, Econ-O-Wash, LG, Dexter, and Articlean. The commercial equipment we provide includes:

  • Washer extractors
  • Drying tumblers
  • Ozone sanitation systems
  • Ironers
  • Ancillary items

Your equipment works best with regular maintenance and prompt repairs. Skyline Equipment provides effective and timely solutions, including 24-hour turnaround times.

Commercial Laundry Supplier in McAllen

McAllen is a beautiful city with a diverse economy and rich blend of cultures. With a population of 143,000, it offers residents the perks of a larger city without a major metro area sprawl. Its proximity to the border of Mexico makes it a great place to conduct business.

If you're considering McAllen as the site for your commercial laundry equipment service, these growth statistics may please you:

Coin laundry has a significantly high return on investment compared to other businesses. US laundromats gross about $5 billion in annual revenue and have a success rate of 95%. In fact, a single coin laundry business ranges in market value from $50,000 to move $1 million! Coin laundry facilities are an excellent community resource and can be a great investment opportunity for you. Coin laundries are a simple and effective business model with no need for a franchise or worries about maintaining inventory levels.

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