Continental Girbau On Premise Laundry OPL Solutions in Houston

Are you seeking a secure investment for your on-premise laundry facility? Perhaps you are searching for ways to optimize throughput, achieve superior wash results, and enhance efficiency in your laundry operation. Regardless of your business type, upgrading your laundry facility with Continental Girbau OPL facilities in Houston offers numerous advantages.

Modern OPL Solutions Revolutionize Your Laundry Game

Advancements in technology havecontinental girbau opl washer and dryer in houston tx revolutionized the commercial and industrial laundry sector, bringing greater ease and convenience to all stakeholders. With improved machines, smart technologies, and a renewed emphasis on elevating the laundry experience, the industry has effectively met the requirements of modern On-Premise Laundry (OPL) facilities and tech-savvy laundry managers. As a result, businesses and institutions are experiencing improved quality control, reduced overhead costs, enhanced efficiency and productivity, and increased longevity of linens.

Continental Girbau leads the charge with innovative on-premise laundry solutions that ensure your business's continued growth and success. At Skyline Equipment, we offer a range of quality-built Continental commercial laundry equipment to provide endless growth opportunities for your venture. 

Whether you operate healthcare, hospitality, athletic, correctional, or another institutional facility, these high-grade washers and dryers offer top benefits for your OPL facility. The Continental line of OPL solutions is designed for unrivaled performance, unmatched energy efficiency, durability, and ease of use, helping you save time and money while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Quality Continental Girbau OPL in Houston Can Keep Your Laundry Operations Running Smoothly

We can help you optimize your laundry process with the ultimate commercial washing and drying technology - the Continental Girbau series. With three different series, you'll find the perfect fit for your application.

RMG55 Hard Mount Commercial Washers

Also known as the G-Flex Washer series, these hard-mount washers offer advanced controls (25 individually modifiable programs) for laundry facilities to manage multiple functions efficiently. With extract speeds up to 200 G-force, on-premise laundries can dramatically increase productivity and energy efficiency and reduce labor costs.

EH060 Soft Mount Washer-Extractors

The E-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors are designed to reduce gas, water, and electricity costs while improving productivity. With high-speed extraction of up to 400G force, these workhorse machines efficiently remove moisture from each load, minimizing the required drying time. Among other benefits, they provide:

  • A freestanding design that is easy to install 
  • Customizable programming options for maximum efficiency
  • Machines ranging from 20 lbs. – 255lbs.

KTO75 Pro-Series Commercial Dryers

The KTO75 Pro-Series Dryers from Continental Girbau feature durable components such as dual motors, steel paneling, and sealed bearings to withstand frequent use. These commercial dryers offer superior programmability for an enhanced laundry experience and are designed to avoid over-drying, prolonging the lifespan of your linens.

Partner With Skyline: Your On Premise Laundry Experts

To effectively manage an on-premise laundry operation, it is essential to have high-quality equipment and reliable assistance from an experienced distributor network. By partnering with Continental Girbau, we stay up-to-date on industry trends, equipment applications, and product services, which enables us to provide long-term support before, during, and after the sale.  

Before outfitting a new or existing laundry facility, we listen carefully to our customer's concerns and needs. We don't make decisions based on what is familiar, new, or exciting. Instead, we comprehensively analyze production, workflow, labor, and efficiency and make recommendations based on our findings. 

As part of our complete service offering, we'll help you with the following:

Ready to Optimize Your On-Premise Laundry Facility?

We have a laundry solution for every budget. Plus, you can afford a high-quality Continental Girbau OPL Solution in Houston with a flexible lease and predictable payments. Free to contact us and learn more about our products and services and how they can bolster your laundry operations.

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