Modernize Your Laundry Facility with Continental Girbau Washers and Dryers in Austin, TX

Upgrading your laundry equipment is a significant step in the right direction. Regardless of industry, it's possible for everything in your laundry operations to work together to get you better results, increased productivity, high energy efficiency, and lower costs.

Many establishments, be it multi-housing developments, hotels, spas, health care, or correctional facilities, rely on on-premise laundries to quickly clean high-volume workloads and gain better control over the finished quality of linens.

A dependable and efficient laundry machine is essential to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. At Skyline Equipment, we carry top-of-the-line commercial laundry equipment designed for unmatched energy efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Notably, our Continental Girbau washers and dryers in Austin, TX, are designed for efficiency, reliability, safety, and optimal performance.

Your Ultimate Choice in On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Continental Girbau continues to provide world-class products as a leading laundry equipment manufacturer, setting new standards in the laundry industry. From revolutionary programmable controls to industry-leading extraction speeds and superior drying technology, we're constantly testing the limits of what laundry equipment can achieve.

If you are looking to bolster your laundry process with top-quality Continental Girbau commercial washers and dryers, three different series are available for your application. We can help you find the perfect equipment to make your laundry production and efficiency goals a reality.

Continental Girbau Washers and Dryers in Austin TXRMG55 Hard Mount Commercial Washers

Popularly known as the G-Flex Washer series, the RMG55 Hard Mount Commercial Washers combine unparalleled efficiency with the industry's most advanced controls, allowing laundry facilities to manage various functions. Built to generate extract speeds reaching 200 G-force, these advanced hard-mount washers improve productivity helping on-premise laundries make the most of their investment.


Soft Mount Commercial WashersEH060 Soft Mount Commercial Washers

With easy to install soft-mount design, the EH060 Soft Mount Commercial Washers deliver high-speed extract of up to 400G-force, slashing dry time and cutting utility costs. They are available in sizes from 20 lbs. to 255 lb.s capacity. Among other benefits, they provide:

  • An easy-to-install freestanding design.
  • High-speed extract.
  • The ultimate programmability for maximum efficiency.

Pro Series Commercial DryersKTO75 Pro-Series Commercial Dryers

The KTO75 Pro-Series Dryers from Continental Girbau is built to handle the rigors of constant use with innovative internal components such as dual motors, steel paneling, and sealed bearings. 

With high-level programmability and many features, these commercial dryers will dramatically elevate your laundry experience in both production and linen life. 

They are a perfect match in capacity and power to the Continental Washer-Extractors. Enjoy faster drying and significant savings in labor and utility costs.

Partner With an Experienced Distributor Network

The demands of running an on-premise laundry operation require the combination of high-quality equipment and the support of an experienced distributor network. You want to work with a reliable distributor who understands your individual needs to ensure your unique on-premise laundry facility is performing at peak efficiency.

The service technicians at Skyline Equipment have an unyielded desire to:

  • Help you select the right equipment mix for your facility's requirements and capacity
  • Support you long after the initial sale of equipment
  • Source genuine replacement parts at competitive prices
  • Ensure optimum efficiency throughout the equipment's life

Whether you need design support, laundry operations analysis, construction support, or equipment financing assistance, we'll be with you all the way. Our partner manufacturer backs all products with an industry-leading warranty.

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