Continental Girbau Washers and Dryers in San Antonio, TX: Reliable, Efficient, and Built to Last!

Continental Girbau Washers and Dryer in San Antonio TX

The success of any laundry operation hinges primarily on having the appropriate laundry equipment in place. Regardless of your industry, you want to ensure that your laundry equipment meets the highest performance and reliability standards. The Continental Girbau washers and dryers in San Antonio are among the best on-premise equipment for delivering top-quality laundry results.

Our team at Skyline strives to simplify your laundry operations with quality on-premise washers and dryers from reputable brands. Supported by the newest technological advancements, we offer laundry solutions designed for unmatched energy efficiency, ease of use, and exceptional durability. Even with years of extensive use, these quality laundry technologies offer the utmost cleanliness and efficiency.

Discover Premium Laundry Solutions with Continental Girbau

Continental Girbau, a leading player in the laundry industry, consistently produces top-tier equipment that redefines the capabilities of laundry machines. With innovative features such as user-programmable controls, superior extraction speeds, and advanced drying technology, these machines significantly optimize laundry operations.

If you want to incorporate Continental Girbau machines into your operations, you can choose from three different series tailored to your needs:

RMG55 Hard Mount Commercial Washers

G Flex Washer series, also known as the RMG55 Hard Mount Commercial Washers, is one of the company's most advanced hard-mount washers. These washers come equipped with cutting-edge controls and unrivaled efficiency capabilities. 

With extraction speeds reaching up to 200 G force, these hard-mount washers are designed to enhance productivity and serve as an asset in any on-premise laundry that wants to process loads efficiently.

Some of the benefits of this washer include:

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Quality construction and durability
  • Flexible controls
  • Water-conserving features
  • Serial communication
  • High extract speeds
  • Dual safety features
  • Energy-saving and noise-reduction features

EH060 Soft Mount Commercial Washers

Soft mount washers like the EH060 are designed for easy installation, maximum energy efficiency, and reliable performance. With a high-speed extract capability of up to 400 G force, they reduce drying time and significantly lower utility expenses. 

They offer a range of programmable controls, allowing users to customize wash cycles according to their specific laundry needs - up to 99 wash cycles. The construction of these washers is proven to be exceptionally durable, ensuring long-lasting reliability in commercial laundry settings. Offering capacities ranging from 20 lbs. to 255 lbs., you can select the one that perfectly suits your needs.

KTO75 Pro-Series Commercial Dryers

The KTO75 Pro-Series Commercial Dryers are part of Continental Girbau's commercial laundry equipment lineup. Designed for heavy-duty usage, these dryers are suited for any establishment that requires fast and effective drying of large quantities of laundry. 

Operators can easily program and adjust drying cycles to suit specific fabric types, load sizes, and desired dryness levels. These revolutionary drying solutions are built to cater to harsh laundry environments thanks to robust components like dual motors, steel panels, and sealed bearings. 

Our knowledgeable technicians will help you select the right equipment mix to boost your laundry efficiency and achieve your production goals.

Excellent Customer Support and Post-Purchase Service

Whether setting up a brand-new laundry room or renovating an existing facility, our seasoned experts guide you through every phase of the planning journey. Also at your disposal is our suite of after-sale services, including consultation and design, installation, equipment financing assistance, and technical service & repair.

Our service technicians are committed to:

  • Helping you choose the equipment that best meets your needs
  • Providing ongoing post-purchase support
  • Offering genuine replacement parts at competitive rates
  • Ensuring that your machines operate efficiently throughout their entire lifespan

Ready to Upgrade Your On-Premise Facility?

Contact us to find the perfect Continental Girbau washers and dryers in San Antonio. You can count on our expertise to understand your unique requirements and assist you in setting up the ideal laundry solution for your application. 

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