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Does your business require substantial laundry processing capabilities? Enhance your laundry operations by integrating high-quality on-premise industrial laundry machines from one of the leading Dexter laundry machine suppliers in Houston. As a volume buyer, we not only stock machines of every type but this allows us to offer extremely competitive pricing.

Today's state-of-the-art commercial laundry equipment incorporates advanced technology, providing a wide array of features to enhance productivity, reduce energy consumption, and streamline labor costs.

Our primary goal is to streamline your laundry procurement process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We present a comprehensive selection of premium equipment known for industrial-strength durability, flexibility, efficiency, and performance. 

Whether establishing a new laundry facility or exploring ways to modernize and expand, our tailored solutions are designed to complement your on-premise initiatives.

Dexter Laundry Machine

Optimizing Laundry Operations through State-Of-The-Art On-Site Solutions

As businesses across various industries actively adopt environmentally friendly practices and seek cost-saving measures, there is an increasing demand to invest in energy-efficient upgrades for laundry equipment. This is especially relevant for healthcare, hospitality, education, athletics, and other institutional establishments handling significant laundry volumes, contributing to rising energy costs.

Conventional laundry machines prove inefficient and expensive due to their substantial water and energy consumption. Most are also not built for the volume of laundry. Your needs require high-speed, large-capacity washer-extractors and dryers in response to this challenge. These not only enhance throughput and minimize energy usage but also extend the lifespan of linens.

Businesses can attain precise command over the laundry process by incorporating cutting-edge features such as customized preprogrammed cycles, smart multilingual controls, and seamless automatic chemical injections. This ensures error-free and superior-quality wash outcomes consistently.

Manufacturers of On-Site Industrial Laundry Equipment We Partner With

Our Preferred Commercial Laundry Partner - Dexter

Dexter is one of the largest manufacturers of On-Premise Laundry (OPL) systems, known for their exceptional quality, customizable features, advanced controls, and management software. These attributes contribute to your on-premise laundry facility's smooth and profitable operation. Precision is readily available with the following options:

Dexter O Series Washers: Providing unmatched flexibility with 100 cycles, each consisting of 20 stages, ensuring the precision you need. DexterLive.com offers industry-specific cycles and user-friendly controls for easy programming. Special cycles and heated models cater to precise applications. Each Dexter washer undergoes a stringent 1,000-hour out-of-balance test for durability. Supported by lifetime technical assistance and a leading 10-year limited warranty, your investment is backed with confidence.

Dexter 6-Cycle Washers: Redefining industrial washing performance, these washers employ high-speed spins to reduce drying costs, enhancing profit potential and lowering operational expenses. All Dexter washers feature wireless infrared port communication and Palm Programming, with key lock access for control over cycle changes. Dexter Laundry equipment provides flexibility for laundry managers to optimize performance and efficiency, allowing customization to meet property-specific needs.

We also offer other leading brands based on their proven ability to stand up to the rigors of industrial and commercial laundry:

B&C Technologies

The B&C lineup of soft and hard mount washer-extractors boasts high extraction speeds, leading to substantial energy and time savings.


The LG Titan Pro offers outstanding energy efficiency and productivity for on-premise laundries. The smaller capacity Platinum Washers are ideal OPL solutions for smaller establishments such as spas, beauty salons, restaurants, and vet clinics.


Continental presents a diverse range of commercial laundry equipment engineered to deliver exceptional performance, productivity, and efficiency across various on-premise laundry segments.

  • E-Series – Continental Girbau High-Performance Soft Mount Washer-Extractors
  • G-Flex – Continental Girbau Hard-Mount Washers
  • REM Series – Continental Girbau Hard-Mount Washer


The Econ-O-Wash top-load washer is well-suited for small-load applications in on-premise laundries seeking cost-effective efficiency.

Ozone Systems

Our ozone laundry system ensures the safe and effective disinfection of your facility's laundry, accompanied by significant energy and hot water usage savings. There's much to appreciate with a remarkable 99.999% disinfection rate, reduced chemical usage, and linens that are not just cleaner but also have a more appealing fragrance and vibrant appearance.

On-Site Drying Tumblers

Our drying tumblers employ advanced tumble drying technology, providing expedited drying cycles and customizable features suitable for commercial and on-premises laundry operations. Equipped with smart moisture sensors, these dryers prevent over-drying, effectively prolonging the lifespan of linens and diminishing inventory expenses.

Comprehensive Assistance from a Dexter Laundry Equipment Supplier in Houston

Apart from representing leading manufacturers and product lines, our team is committed to assisting you at every stage of the on-premise industrial laundry machine selection process. 

Whether it's the initial consultation phase, design layout, installation, or continuous post-sale support, we stand out as a premier Dexter laundry equipment supplier in Houston, dedicated to ensuring your success. Understanding the crucial factors for operating a successful on-premise laundry, rely on our expertise to evaluate your current space and assist you in selecting the ideal equipment mix customized to meet your facility's requirements and capacity.

Our on-premise laundry (OPL) machines have a lifetime of technical support and industry-leading warranties. We also provide competitive financing options and flexible leasing programs. Rest assured, we stand firmly behind each machine you invest in with us.

Contact us today if you are ready to establish an in-house laundry or enhance your existing operation with on-premise industrial laundry machines. Allow us to deliver the best solution for your laundry facility needs.

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