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Efficient laundry equipment and services are essential for healthcare facilities in Austin to keep their residents and staff safe from infection and other ailments. Running out of non-disposable items like towels, sheets and blankets, and clothing when routinely caring for patients is an untenable situation for healthcare facilities. To assure these items also are reusable, knowledge of the recommended mix of chemicals, mechanical action of the equipment, the correct number of rinses, and water temperature are crucial.

Skyline Equipment features the latest in commercial washing machines and dryers that are advanced, flexible, and designed with intuitive technology that helps save energy, costs and helps your staff be more efficient. Our numerous healthcare clients trust us for our high-quality, high-efficiency laundry equipment and outstanding customer service.

Healthcare Facilities Demand Reliable Laundry Equipment

The proper laundering of hospital items isn't a mere recommendation; it's a crucial measure that hospitals and other medical facilities must take to reduce the spread of infectious disease and other potentially dangerous pathogens.

Medical facilities like hospitals must adhere to strict guidelines regarding the proper laundering of items like bedding and garments. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently updated its laundering recommendations for hospitals to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It advises that laundry be washed for at least 25 minutes in hot water with a minimum temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regulations for Healthcare Laundry Systems

Soiled linens and garments can pose a health threat to healthcare workers and patients. For that reason, the CDC has issued guidelines for managing laundry systems and service. The risk of pathogen transmission is high without adherence to medical facility laundering regulations which are as follows:

  • Laundry personnel should wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment when sorting soiled laundry.
  • Soiled laundry should be bagged if transported via laundry chutes.
  • Hot water and bleach must be used to launder soiled laundry to kill harmful microorganisms that may be present in the laundry.
  • Use detergents that are specifically designed for use in washing machines.
  • Soiled items should be washed in hot water for at least 25 minutes at a minimum temperature of 160 degrees F.
  • Medical facilities must follow the washing machine and dryer manufacturer's recommendations for maintaining the laundry equipment.

Keep in mind that these are just basic measures outlined by the CDC. More extensive healthcare laundering guidelines can be found on its website.

We are a Leading Continental Girbau and B&C Commercial Laundry Equipment Provider to the Healthcare Industry

We recommend both the Continental Girbau and B & C Technologies brands of commercial laundry equipment for healthcare. They are known in the industry as leading providers of commercial and industrial laundry washers and dryers in Austin. Their products are designed and manufactured for years of constant use, and are supported by industry-leading warranties designed to protect your facility from downtime, making your staff more productive and efficient, while lowering labor and utility costs.

As one of the leading partners in the Austin area, we support several types of equipment, including coin-operated laundry, on-premises laundry, multi-housing laundry, and sport laundry systems. Skyline also stocks all equipment and major parts from most manufacturers, including:

  • Washer extractors
  • Drying tumblers
  • Ozone sanitation systems
  • Ironers
  • Ancillary items

About Skyline Equipment LLC

Skyline Equipment is a leading commercial laundry distributor that serves the healthcare industry, operating in a 10,000 square foot facility, which houses both stocked equipment and parts. We have an excellent reputation in the Austin area healthcare community for our excellent customer service that meets the needs of the healthcare industry. Having been in business for more than 50 years, we have the experience and expertise needed to support our clients and their laundry equipment services needs.

Austin Texas Healthcare

Austin, TX, is home to world-class hospitals and medical facilities. Our products and parts are found in many of the city's most prominent healthcare institutions, including research hospitals, urgent care centers, medical clinics, and nursing homes. Proper laundry service begins with high-quality equipment that's designed for the commercial setting. Skyline Equipment features laundry equipment that is expertly designed and crafted for the healthcare industry.

Contact Skyline Equipment to learn more about our durable laundry equipment and laundry consulting services. As a leading manufacturer of laundry equipment, we can address all of your facility's laundry equipment needs. Ask us about our leasing programs for equipment such as washing machines, dryers, and ozone systems as well as other purchase options.

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