How to Maximize Profit and Revenue in your Laundromat

Electric, gas, real estate, and rent expenses are rising in many areas across the United States and combined with inflation it's making doing business more difficult. Fortunately, for the vended laundry owner, there are several real strategies to efficiently battle expenses while also boosting client turnover. Continue reading for helpful suggestions on how to revitalize your laundromat for maximum income and profit. 

Update your Proforma and Demographic Study

Whether you've recently bought a new laundry or have owned one for a long time, the first step in any laundry improvement process is to reassess its potential through an updated demographic survey and competitive market analysis. Many metropolitan neighborhoods are being rejuvenated in order to attract young, affluent professionals and homeowners. Other metropolitan areas are getting more crowded as a result of increased housing costs, with multiple people sharing a single household. Demographic

Because of the ever-changing demographics, it's critical to reassess what's going on in your laundry's service area every three to five years. Our laundry experts will lead this process by doing demographic research and competitive analysis. The majority of demographic surveys include data on income, housing, racial/ethnic makeup, transportation, education, and population, among other variables. This information will be used by Skyline Equipment to provide targeted recommendations for increasing customer turnover and revenue per square foot, capturing a bigger part of your demography through new services and products, and embracing new technology and services. Skyline Equipment will develop a Proforma that describes how the laundry is expected to operate as a result of these enhancements. 

Tips for Retooling Your Equipment 

A change in equipment would be most likely be done to reduce overhead costs, maximize wash capacity, improve client churn, and launch revenue per square foot. However, while selecting your equipment mix,  keep current demographics in mind. Is there a greater number of homeowners than before? Then, entice them with equipment capable of handling family-sized loads as well as large comforters and blankets.

Why Softmount Washers are Better 

When selecting equipment, decide if soft-mount or hard-mount washers are best for you. Softmounts can be more expensive than hard mounts, but they are easier and less expensive to install. Soft-mount washers glide into place without the need for concrete or bolt-downs like hard-mount washers do. This makes it easier to furnish a second-story laundry room or an uncommon location. They also provide high G-force extract speeds, which result in more water removal, quicker dry periods, cheaper utility costs, and more customer retention.

Express Washer SoftmountAdditionally, there is a high-speed benefit. Soft-mount washers may produce up to 400 G-force extract speeds, but hard-mount washers seldom surpass 200 G-force. Softmounts remove more moisture during extraction, reducing dry time and natural gas usage substantially. This translates to decreased overhead expenses and the opportunity to service a larger number of paying customers.

Increase Capacity

Replace small-capacity washers and dryers with larger-capacity equipment wherever possible. Laundries can increase wash and dry capacity in this way to service more clients and increase profitability. Because today's washers and dryers are so efficient, any equipment replacement will often result in decreased utility costs per load.

How to Differentiate your Laundromat from the Competition 

Add Ozone 

Articlean Ozone

The use of ozone in laundromats is becoming more popular. It works by infusing ozone into the washer load at precisely the proper time and temperature. The ozone naturally removes stains and dirt from linen while sanitizing each load of washing with lower-than-normal water temperatures. According to Articlean, some fun facts regarding ozone are: Ozone kills bacteria 3,200 times better than bleach in ambient water and delivers 99.999 percent disinfection from germs, viruses, and bacteria. Ozone adds an extra layer of defense to your linen process and is a powerful oxidant and natural disinfectant.


Alternative Ways to Pay 

Allow customers to pay in a variety of methods, for example, cash, credit/debit cards, loyalty cards, CCI, and in-app Apple pay. There are a lot of alternative payment solutions available on the market that make the laundry transaction more simple. Additionally, from the standpoint of the laundry owner, alternative payment solutions provide comprehensive business control and tracking.

Chemical Injection / Express Clean 

Another way to differentiate yourself is to include automated chemical injection, especially in larger washers. Automatic chemical injection is a function available on some washer machines, and it's a great selling feature to attract new customers.  Many of the Continental Soft-mount vended washers have the Express Clean dispensing system.  It works in tandem with a machine's automated chemical injection system to distribute the ideal combination of detergents, brighteners, and softeners into the washer. The Express Clean system is housed in a glass cabinet, allowing customers to see it in action! It simplifies the use of equipment by eliminating the need to transport detergents and softeners.


Family Read Play Learn Space Large Kit Laundromat Zone New Orleans 6900pxSupport youth literacy while differentiating yourself from the competition. Consider installing a LaundryCaresTM Read Play Learn (RPL) center in your laundromat complete with books and interactive learning materials. LaundryCares has produced RPL "kits" in collaboration with Too Small to Fail, Libraries Without Borders, and other literacy-focused groups and has made them available for purchase at

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