Are You Getting The Most from Your Industrial Laundry Equipment for Hotels in San Antonio TX?

Here are 5 Ways To Make Your Industrial Laundry Equipment More Efficient.

Are You Getting The Most from Your Industrial Laundry Equipment for Hotels in San Antonio TX?As with any piece of industrial equipment, keeping your hotel washing machines in the best possible condition will not only add years to their lifespan but will also greatly improve their day-to-day efficiency and performance.

In the hotel business, laundry is a considerable and ongoing expense. So taking a moment to strategize about how you can heighten the effectiveness of your laundry equipment could save you thousands of dollars over the time you are in business.

Below are 5 pro tips on making your industrial laundry machine more efficient.

1. Invest In Energy Efficient Washers

Despite regular maintenance, sometimes industrial washers break down beyond the potential of repair. If you suspect you’ll need a new industrial washer soon, we strongly recommend investing in an energy-efficient option. 

In addition to enjoying the savings on your energy bill, you may also be able to claim tax benefits, depending on your location and the variety of units you buy. We recommend the Continental Girbau and B&C Technologies brands due to their ability to meet the energy efficiency needs of today's hotels.

2. Use Cold Water And Ozone Systems

Many hotels and other businesses with extensive laundry needs often have the mistaken belief that hot water will always get clothes and linens cleaner. You can get clothes and linens just as clean in cold water as you can in warm or hot water. You just need to set the appropriate wash settings and use the right detergent. 

Using an ozone laundry system is another highly effective way to get the most out of your industrial washing machine. Ozone washing methods are incredibly effective at killing bacteria and viruses, reducing or eliminating the need for traditional cleaning chemicals, and they work just as well in cold water.

3. Reuse Linen

Reusing linen when and where you can is a great way to extend the lifespan of your industrial washing machines and dryers because it will cut down on how frequently you use them.

Today, many hotels give guests the option to reuse their linens, towels, or both. The hotel often leaves a card for the guest to hang on their door handle for housekeeping that indicates if they’d like anything washed and replaced.

4. Think Sustainably

Think about expanding your sustainability thinking that expands beyond just your laundry equipment. Energy savings come in several modes.

Are you using energy-efficient lightbulbs? Moving from standard bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, and LED bulbs can use up to 90% less energy than standard bulbs, last 15 times longer and save about $55 in electricity costs over its lifetime. Adding a sensor or timer when an area is not being used can also help. If you have not done it in some time, have  a look at your window and door weather stripping to help keep your HVAC costs low?

5. Train Your Staff

Training can sometimes slip through the cracks, when it comes to heightening the efficiency of your industrial laundry equipment in San Antonio and other cities. A well-trained staff is vital to keeping your costs in line, preventing employees from using the wrong laundry settings on the industrial washers or dryers or overusing detergents and other harsh chemicals.

Our recommendations

Continental EH060 and RMG055 industrial washers for hotels set a new standard of excellence in commercial washing machines. Their high-speed spin and highly programmable controls are more effective in pre-drying your linens for highly reduced drying cycles for significant water and energy savings.

When coupled with Continental’s KT / Pro Dryers your operation can boast energy-efficiency, programmability, and unrivaled durability. They are also backed by a limited 3-year ContinentalCare Warranty for a worry-free experience.

We also like the HE line of affordable hardmount commercial washers for on-premise or commercial laundry due to their efficiency coupled with its simple operator interface and robust design. Stainless fronts and sides along with low maintenance operation keeps things up and running. Couple this one with the B&C DE Series Dryer. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, it features a dual-timer control and offers efficiency and durability along with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Your next step

The extra energy costs associated with malfunctioning, older equipment, and training issues can make these seemingly small mistakes add up quickly. Skyline Equipment can help.

Let’s talk about ways to improve the safety, productivity, and efficiency of your hotel laundry operation. Whether you are in San Antonio, Austin, or any surrounding hill country location, we’d love to work with you.

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