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industrial laundry machines in san antonio tx

Are you looking to upgrade your industrial laundry machines in San Antonio, or set up a new industrial laundry facility? If your institution depends on a steady supply of clean linen, you need extremely reliable and highly-performing heavy-duty laundry equipment. Working with an experienced commercial laundry supplier that understands your unique needs is critical. 

Skyline Equipment offers a wide range of industrial laundry machine options, from hospitals to learning institutions, correctional facilities, and multi-housing apartments, to deliver a hassle-free laundry experience to all customers. We provide high-quality laundry equipment sourced from top brands in the industry, including B&C, Continental Girbau, Articlean, Econ-O-Wash, and Dexter.

Over 40 Years of Supplying Outstanding Industrial Laundry Machines in San Antonio, TX

With more than four decades of commercial laundry industry experience and a dedicated team of in-house professionals, Skyline Equipment LLC is a leading volume distributor of industrial laundry machines serving San Antonio, TX, and its environs. We have put together the most advanced range of quality equipment to satisfy all your laundry needs. We've got you covered if you need washer extractors, dryers, ozone sanitation systems, ironers, or folders. Each piece of equipment is designed to provide superior performance, durability, and efficiency. 

We take pride in delivering the best laundry equipment solutions for our clients and are proud of our commitment to superior quality and customer service. Our experienced technicians are committed to achieving the highest quality results on all projects, regardless of size or complexity. Plus, our sales support team will offer training on how to use and take care of the equipment. We also provide an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment with us is protected.

Comprehensive Installation and Maintenance Services

With decades of experience and technical know-how, we ensure your laundry equipment needs are met in a timely & professional manner. We offer equipment selection, site selection, laundry facility design, and after-sales technical and consultancy services. Our highly-qualified and experienced team of technicians is always available to respond to your needs. 

Further, don't let unexpected repairs slow your business down. Our laundry equipment service and maintenance team are here to keep your commercial laundry equipment running at optimal levels. With an extensive inventory of laundry parts, accessories, equipment manuals, and a fleet of trucks designed for convenience, you can report a service request. Our technicians will respond promptly to get your machines back in service. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial laundry equipment selection, installation, and servicing/maintenance services.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Designed With High Technological Advancements

We offer the latest industrial laundry equipment showcasing innovative, high-tech features such as pre-programmable wash cycles, repair alerts, remote access, and real-time communication that help maximize performance and minimize operating costs.

The high-speed laundry solutions are designed to give the best performance and productivity with remarkable energy efficiency and time-saving capabilities. The easy-to-use features and controls of our washers and dryers will save you both time and money while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We understand that budget constraints can limit the ability to purchase the washing machine

of your dreams. For this reason, we are committed to making access more affordable through flexible financing and leasing options. As a result, high-quality laundry washing machines are now within reach, no matter your financial situation. 

Unmatched Quality Machines to Keep Your Laundry Operations Running Smoothly

Skyline Equipment is here to assist you in setting up a new laundry facility or updating an existing one. Our unrivaled know-how and comprehensive selection of top-market equipment brands will be the key to optimizing your industrial laundry operations. Contact us today for unbeatable sales support and a reliable industrial laundry machine in San Antonio, TX.

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