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Reliable laundry equipment is vital in most modern-day institutions to support the significant amounts of laundry that need to be churned out each day. Over and above rigorous school work schedules, extracurricular activities, friends and relationships, part-time jobs, and family obligations, students and athletes have a lot of things to worry about, and cleaning laundry shouldn’t be one of them. Installing an on-premise laundry solution in your school can help boost the students’ classroom engagement and attendance, hygiene, and cleanliness for better overall performance. 

At Skyline Equipment, we understand the needs of educational institutions and can help you invest in the right laundry equipment for schools in San Antonio, TX. A top-quality laundry solution helps to eliminate the significant stress of dealing with dirty, filthy gear that are impossible to clean manually. Working with the right machines will leave your clothes and workout gears cleaner and smelling fresher while preserving the quality of your laundry.

Work With Seasoned Laundry Equipment Professionals for Your San Antonio School

Laundry Equipment for Schools in san antonio txWhen looking for reliable laundry equipment for your school, consider partnering with the professionals at Skyline Equipment. We have over 40 years of experience in the industry providing access to high-quality OPL solutions that deliver the latest energy-saving features for less water and energy consumption, ultimately reducing utility costs. We aim to create highly successful laundries for learning institutions at the lowest possible cost. 

Besides the supply of top-of-the-line laundry equipment, Skyline Equipment offers a range of professional services, including pre-sale and technical support services. Our expert technicians will provide professional insight into the layout design, equipment sizing, product selection, and installation and offer ongoing support for routine maintenance and repairs.

As a market leader in the supply of commercial and industrial laundry equipment in San Antonio, TX, our team is focused on empowering you with turnkey laundry solutions that guarantee a seamless laundry experience for everyone involved. Let us help you move from the snail-paced daily routine of doing laundry at your school.

Advanced Laundry Solutions for Your Laundry Facility

At Skyline Equipment, we supply top-rated laundry equipment from unrivaled brands like Continental, LG, and Econ-O-Wash. Our washers and dryers are designed for unmatched energy efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Below are three advanced laundry solutions ideal for schools:

G Flex Hard Mount WashersG-Flex Hard-Mount Washers

G-flex beats many hard-mount washers in the market, with extraction speeds of 200 G-force. These washers are designed with exclusive features and superior programmability, significantly bolstering on-premise laundry productivity.

E Series Soft Mount WashersE-Series Soft Mount Washers

With advanced high-speed extraction (up to 405-G force) and lower dry time, the E-series makes it easy to create a high-functioning and efficient laundry facility that enhances the school life experience. The washer is available in 20 to 255-pound capacity models.


Ozone Disinfection Units

The ozone disinfection units are well known for their natural cleaning power and ability to effectively destroy bacteria and viruses in dirty clothes. These machines are designed to provide the best defense against microorganisms, making them the most ideal for

high sanitization applications.

Pro-Series Dry Tumblers

Designed for performance and durability, the Pro-Series dryers can withstand the constant rigors of everyday cleaning. It offers highly programmable controls and smart construction for efficient drying and extended linen life.

Why Customers Choose Skyline

For the past five decades, we have delivered exceptional laundry equipment to schools and other commercial establishments in San Antonio, TX. 

  • High-quality and well-fitted machines to suit your laundry needs
  • Safe and easy-to-operate laundry equipment backed up by factory warranties
  • Energy-efficient solutions
  • Flexible Financing programs/Leasing options
  • Prompt delivery of equipment
  • Excellent after-sales and maintenance services
  • Peace of mind

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Our quality products and stellar customer service are designed to meet your laundry needs for the long term. Count on our team of experts to work with you in delivering quality laundry systems that redefine the school laundry experience.

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