Ozone Laundry Systems – How Can It Benefit Your Laundry Operation?

The use of ozone in laundry operations has numerous benefits. With the optimal wash programs, ozone may save a lot of money on operational expenses. Total cycle time, hot water use, and total water consumption can all be lowered while still producing excellent results.

What is ozone? 

Ozone injection substitutes the chemicals used in the wash cycle with an environmentally friendly ozone compound made from a combination of oxygen and electricity. This mixture is pumped straight into the machine, where it combines with the user's detergent and cold water. Traditional machines use a combination of hot water, alkali, detergent, acid, and bleach, with various rinse cycles depending on the unit. The use of ozone injection saves your OPL money by removing some of these chemicals and hot water rinses.Articlean Ozone On Premise Laundry

The Benefits of Using Ozone in Your Laundry:

Reduced Energy Costs

Sanitizing is often accomplished with hot water, although cold water is excellent for ozone. This results in decreased hot water usage and, to a lesser extent, shorter drying durations, resulting in significant energy savings. Utilizing ozone in the laundry process reduces the amount of hot water used by more than 80%, saving a significant amount of natural gas because ozone cleans better in low-temperature water.

Superior Sanitizing 

Ozone kills germs, inactivates viruses, eliminates odors, and removes dirt throughout each ozonated wash cycle. It is extremely reactive and needs little contact time (it disinfects twice as fast as chlorine), which helps to shorten cycle times. It is safer than many commercial laundry detergents and is guaranteed to limit the spread of difficult-to-kill germs. Articlean  Ozone Systems injection technology has undergone rigorous laboratory testing and has proven 99.999 percent kill rates for the most persistent infections such as MRSA, CDiff, and Hepatitis. 

Increase Linen Life 

Low-temperature water washing aids in the prevention of fabric shrinkage, aging, and degradation. Ozone opens up the weave of the fabric, minimizing drying time. Faster processing times allow the linen to be used more frequently, allowing housekeeping to function efficiently on lower par levels. When laundering with ozone, washing and drying-cycle times are shortened. The water-softening properties of ozone also improve fabric life.

Lower Water Costs 

Ozone wash formulations require fewer fills and rinses. Because ozone cleaning occurs at every cycle stage, just a few steps are necessary. Once an Articlean Ozone System is installed in an on-premise laundry, typical water, and sewer savings vary from 30-45 percent.

Increased Productivity 

Ozone-based faster throughput times for laundry lead to higher labor productivity and better working conditions.

Reduce Chemical Costs 

When used in equal amounts, ozone sterilizes linens more quickly than chlorine bleach. Ozone returns to its original state of pure oxygen after use, leaving no chemical residue behind. Ozone offers a high level of disinfection because washing requires fewer chemicals.

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