Dirty gear is no longer a badge of honor. Trust Circul-Air washers, dryers, and storage racks to properly clean, dry and maintain your hoses and turnout gear. Contaminated gear puts firefighters at risk of coming in contact with toxins and carcinogens, increasing their risks of certain cancers. Complete PPE care is essential to firefighter health and safety.

Circul-Air Corp is the leading North American manufacturer of First Responder cleaning, sanitizing and drying equipment for fire hoses and PPE gear. Our quality product offerings bring commercial grade, heavy duty products to all of our customers.
Serving over 20,000 fire departments worldwide, Circul-Air has been engineering this equipment to the highest standards for over 80 years! All equipment is designed to meet the latest electrical and NFPA 1851 standards to ensure seamless integration into the station.
With this extensive experience and industry partnerships Circul-Air is able to offer advanced PPE and hose care solutions you can count on to keep your Fire Fighters and First Responders safe from harmful toxins and carcinogens.

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