Skyline Equipment Offers the Best Commercial Washers and Dryers for Salons and Spas in San Antonio, TX

Whether starting your salon and spa business or expanding to grow your customer base, we have the Best Commercial Washers and Dryers for Salons and Spas in San Antonio to that you can make your venture successful. 

To attract more clients to your salon and spa, cleanliness should be your top priority, and this means that at the bare minimum, your linens, such as towels and bathrobes, should be regularly washed to meet the required high standards of cleanliness. For this reason, an optimized laundry process will, in turn, reduce your costs while increasing your business' productivity. 

With so many equipment brands in the market, deciding which washers and dryers are best suited for your salon or spa business can be overwhelming. From laundry equipment consulting to machine sizing, space requirements, the installation process, and electrical setup, our Skyline Equipment LLC team will help you resolve these issues by providing you with the best commercial washers and dryers for salons and spas in San Antonio.

Why Choose Skyline?

Top-Quality Brands

We work with top manufacturers such as Continental Girbau, LG, B&C Technologies, and Dexter to bring you the best commercial washers and dryers for salons and spas in Houston. From washer extractors, dryers, ironing systems, folders, and stacking units, these industry-leading brands have a wide range of products specifically designed to deliver unparalleled performance featuring impressive results, increased profits, and reduced monthly overhead and labor costs. 

Our modern commercial laundry units are well-built, providing you with up to 15 years of service. With industry-leading warranties and lifetime technical support that also cover costs of replacement parts, these laundry machines are truly an excellent long-term investment to streamline the laundry process for your salon or spa business.

Advanced Technology Commercial Washers and Dryers

Your new spa or salon business will need more than just the traditional washers and dryers to meet the high standard of cleanliness that spas and salons are held to. Our laundry machines have innovative features such as intelligent tub cleaning, self-diagnostics, and programmable controls, making operations faster. Other advanced machines make it easier for you to track their performance, while others, such as the stacked units, are designed to fit in limited spaces.

Washers and Dryers for Salons and Spas in San Antonio, TXCleaner, Safer Laundry

To reduce bacterial cross-contamination, we provide a line of ozone laundry systems known as "ArtiClean." This cold water system ozonizes cold, non-ozonated water, which then flows into the washing process and reduces bacteria, germs, and viruses by 99.9%. If the benefits of super clean linens aren't appealing enough -ArtiClean systems use 95% less hot water and gas, which reduces your operating costs!

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Solutions

We offer sustainable and eco-friendly commercial washers and dryers for salons and spas in Houston. These machines come with faster cycle resolutions, temperature, and water level controls to reduce consumption of water and electricity, which will reduce your utility costs and ultimately help meet your environmental conservation goals.

Affordable Solutions

Regardless of your budget, our team of experts will start by discussing the needs and goals of your salon and spa in order to source the right equipment to handle your required laundry. Based on our extensive experience, we then make recommendations for new equipment and offer you competitive rates with no hidden charges. Our flexible financing programs are specially designed so that the process of acquiring quality washers and dryers is not strenuous to the financial muscle of your business.

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For over 50 years in the equipment industry, we have built an impeccable reputation and are well-versed in meeting your needs for the best commercial laundry equipment in San Antonio and all its environs. We are more than an equipment supplier; we provide exemplary customer service and will walk with you to ensure your business goals are met. 

Customer satisfaction is Skyline Equipment's top priority, and our friendly professionals are also ready to answer any questions regarding your salon and spa equipment. Contact us today for more information on our products and services. 

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