FAQ: What is a Base and Why do Commercial Washers need one?

Have you ever heard of a commercial washer base? Don't worry if you don't. You are not alone yourself. This is a critical component of your total commercial washing machine, although it is sometimes overlooked. Let's get a better look!

Washers without bases are usually attached to the floor over the drain. Unfortunately, without a base, the washer may be uneven and not level with the floor. It has the ability to cause the washing machine to vibrate, and you will be able to both see it and hear it shaking. 

Commercial Washer Base

What is a base? 

A base can be placed on the bottom to minimize shaky, uneven, and vibrating washers. This not only keeps the machine steady but also improves drainage. When there is no foundation for the washer, the bottom of the unit is right over the drain, leaving limited room for adequate drainage. The foundation elevates the device over the drain, allowing it to drain water more effectively. Aside from improved drainage, having a platform makes it much easier to install the machine. When installing units, there is no need to be concerned about uneven floors.

Commercial Washer Base with Drain

Importance of a Base

The most important function of a base is to provide space for piping underneath the washer. A "gravity drain" is used in commercial washers. Your home washer, on the other hand, pushes the drain water up to around waist height on the wall. Water exits a commercial washer at the back of the machine, generally through a 3" tail pipe that is barely an inch or two from the machine's bottom. This drain water can be discharged into an open drain trough or hard-piped into a sewer drain. When you elevate the machine off the concrete floor, you provide more space to run a drain pipe. Most washer bases are six to eight inches of a steel frame. They are built to help washers bolt well into the floor and through concrete.

Commercial Laundry Install

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