What is the Difference between Price & Cost?

When it comes to large-scale purchases, such as commercial laundry equipment, everyone wants to get the best price possible.  A low-cost washer or dryer, however, is not always a "good deal." We frequently have to clarify that lower-quality, lower-cost equipment actually winds up costing your hotel or long-term care facility more in the long run because of inefficiency and maintenance, and repair. The price tag on your equipment is seldom indicative of what a machine will actually cost you. When researching and comparing commercial laundry equipment, OPL managers must keep this in mind. Now, let us look at the price vs. cost in the laundry industry.

Price is the amount needed to acquire a piece of equipment.

The cost of operating a machine is the sum of its parts and labor. This covers things like utilities, labor, upkeep, and linen replacement — in other words, the return on investment (ROI).

Let's assume you're looking for the cheapest washer-extractor or tumble dryer in the industry. It may get the job done, but it falls short when it comes to essential features like high spin speeds, quick drying times, and laundry room control/management capabilities when compared to others. While you could save money upfront, you might also find yourself spending thousands more over the machine's lifecycle. Here's how:

  • Energy-efficient technology, such as those mentioned above, can help you in reducing water and energy use across your OPL business. Without them, you would almost certainly have a significantly higher electricity bill, which can add up over the life of the laundry equipment.
  • Features that allow you to optimize your wash and dry settings, such as the E-Series' AquaFallTM, Continental's AquaMixerTM, Logi Pro Control, and Continental's Linen Life Extension (LLE), help protect your linens. Without them, you may find up facing additional costs for linen replacement over time.
  • A cheaper price might often indicate low-quality components and materials – after all, they have to recoup expenses somewhere, right? While the washer-extractor may function perfectly at first, these machines might wear out faster, costing thousands of dollars in repairs, replacement, and downtime in your laundry operation.

On the other hand, if you had chosen to invest more in a higher-end commercial washer or dryer with these additional capabilities for your OPL, the outcome may be different. Sure, your initial prices were higher, but your long-term expenses due to performance, maintenance, and labor concerns will be considerably decreased. Higher-end industrial laundry equipment comes with longer warranties and ongoing service, which may help you get more value out of your machine. When you work with Skyline Equipment, y You get more than just a higher-quality product; you also get the support of a team of laundry specialists that can assist you with the laundry room design, maintenance, etc.


As you can see, selecting a laundry distributor and buying laundry equipment is about much more than simply money. It's about the overall experience, as well as the added knowledge, skills, and service that your distributor and equipment provides to your laundry business. If you want to get the most out of your laundry operation, let's talk about how Skyline Equipment can help.