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Imagine reducing your hot water usage by 38,222 gallons and your overall laundry water consumption by 12,000 gallons. The reduction of hot water use led to a reduction of gas usage by 679 therms and a laundry cleaning time by 7 minutes. That is what happened at a 110-bed nursing care facility when they switched to an ozone laundry system.

You too can experience an extra level of cleanliness while reducing your on-premises laundry (OPL) operating costs. With ozone systems, bacteria, viruses, and germs are killed with powerful, naturally occurring oxidation that leaves your laundry clean and smelling fresh.

Ozone laundry treatments are safe, powerful, and prevent cross-contamination of laundry. These laundry systems use up to 95% less hot water and gas, which reduces operating costs.

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How an Ozone Laundry System Works

The ArtiClean system ozonizes cold, non-ozonated water that flows into the wash process of the washing machine. The ozonizing process does not produce any off-gas by-products, making it safe.

An ozone laundry system has multiple benefits over traditional washers, including:

  • A 99.999% disinfection rate from bacteria, germs, and viruses and much more effective sanitation than using bleach.
  • Extended life for your linens by eradicating the harsh chemical treatments found in traditional wash chemistry and the damage potentially caused by using hot water.
  • Better smelling more vibrant linens that provide a sweet freshening smell on the linen, which is all but gone at the end of the drying process.
  • A reduction of operating costs and energy usage due to lower gas and water consumption and shorter dryer times.
  • The decreased need for hot water also reduces room temperature by a great deal, increasing your staff's comfort level.